Speech  is Power

From the philosophers to the prophets, from the politicians to the scholars, every influencer of the society have had a top-effective tool in their hands: eloquence.

Choosing the ways to deliver a speech is as much important as having valuable ideas to share. IPSC is creating for you an opportunity to see your potential to influence others with your own voice.


We would like every contestant of this contest gain some experience with a good training. 

So, each contestants who made the 2nd step will have the chance to be a part of the several workshops that include theory and practice of the public speaking. 

Each contestants who made the 3rd step will have the chance to rehearse their speech with the professionals before the Final.


During the competition, we also support you to improve your public speaking skills with the help of our coaching system.

Coaches answer the questions to form your speeches and they share their knowledge with you through several workshops. An opportunity to gain the utmost experience about public speaking.