Application Process


This is the first step to be a part of Ibn Haldun University Istanbul Public Speaking Contest.

Throughout the contest, each contestant will prepare 3 different speeches.

The first one is an introductory application video which you should upload to the Google Form.

  • Only students of Ibn Haldun can apply for this contest.
  • Speeches should be conducted only in English.
  • The application video should be up to 5 mins.
  • Contestants must create their own speeches, and each one of them must be substantially original.
  • Contestants can prepare their speech in the form of poetry, speeches, pleading or use humor.

Introductory Questions


Each candidate must answer the questions below in his/her 5 min self-introduction video.

  • Please share with us your brief personal history.
  • Which department are you studying? Why?
  • What are you planning to do after your education?
  • Please, share a memorable event from your life.