1st Step:


Send Your Application With a Video Speech

(Deadline: 06 March 2020)

Announcement of the contestants for the 2nd step.

(10 March 2020)

2nd Step:

First Speeches

Present your first speech in front of a jury.

(24 March 2020)

Each contestants who made it to the 2nd step will have the chance to be a part of the several workshops that include theory and practice of the public speaking. 

  • Contestants will present their original speeches (up to 10 mins) on a topic they choose in the presence of the jury.
  • The speech will be open to the audience, but it is not going to be announced publicly. It’ll be recorded.
  • 8 people will be selected as finalists.

Announcement of the Finalists.

(31 March 2020)

3rd Step:

Final Event

Do your speech around the main theme: “Changing The Game” 

(21 April 2020)

Each contestants who made it to the 3rd step will have the chance to rehearse their speeches with professionals before the Final.


  • The final event will be open to public.
  • Every finalist will give an original 10 min speech in front of an audience and a distinguished jury.
  • All speeches are going to be around the main theme: “Changing the Game”
  • Extra activities that help people to socialize
  • The winner will be selected by the end of the event.